Lasik Eye Surgery

laser eye surgeryLASIK eye surgery is one of the most popular vision correction procedures available today. More than 10,000 LASIK surgeries take place each year in Kenya. LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) is used to correct problems with eye focus and clarity and often results in significant vision improvements. Many people are able to stop wearing their glasses or contacts once recovery is complete. LASIK has been around for decades with positive results for most people. Still, many people are understandably nervous about eye surgery. Here are some common questions and answers.



 Who is a Good Candidate for LASIK?

If you have the following characteristics, you might be a candidate for LASIK:

Vision that has been stable for at least a year
Good general eye health
Good overall health

How We Make Sure You’re a Good Candidate
When you set up a consultation for LASIK consideration here at The Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital, we don’t just look at your eyes. We explain the LASIK procedure completely so that you know exactly what it involves both during and after the surgery.

Once you decide to proceed to the next step, we get your medical history, and of course, examine your eyes. Some health conditions may prevent you from LASIK, so be sure to give your ophthalmologist any information he or she needs during your consultation. By using this multi-step process, we ensure that you are a good candidate both mentally and physically.

What if You Aren’t a Good Candidate?
There is usually no need to despair. We can consider other vision correction surgeries or vision shaping to see if another solution will work. With so many choices, it’s likely that at least one alternative will work.

What Happens After Surgery?
Our ophthalmologist will give you instructions for post-operative home care, which includes getting a ride from someone; you can’t drive after the surgery. Later, you will return to your optometrist at The Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital for a follow-up visit to confirm your vision correction.

In most cases, you’ll notice a definite improvement in your vision the very day after your surgery. Even so, it is possible to notice even more improvement in the weeks or months to come. Therefore, you should not consider your initial results to be final.

Considering LASIK Eye Surgery?
The first step to having your vision surgically improved is to have that initial consultation. 

if you have any questions or are interested in a Lasik consultation at the Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital, kindly call +254 728 970 601/ 020 422 6000, or

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