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As per the statistics there are over 50,000 Kenyans suffering from Corneal Blindness and unfortunately majority of them are children. To this figure about 5,000 are added every year. Since there is no substitute for human tissue, the transplantation process depends upon the priceless gift of eye donation alone.

  • What Is Corneal Blindness

    The cornea, which is the clear tissue covering the front of the eye is the main focusing part of the eye. If the Cornea becomes cloudy or scarred, vision is reduced or lost.
  • Causes of Corneal blindness

    Injury, malnutrition, infection, burns, congenital disorders and surgical complications can cause corneal blindness. Fortunately, through surgical technique of corneal transplantation, sight restoration is possible.
  • Eye Donation Is a family issue

    As the decision for eye donation is made by the family members when a death occurs, the commitment and involvement of the whole family is required. Eye donation will work best, when it becomes a tradition in every Kenya family and a part of our culture, irrespective of religion and other aspects.
  • Who can donate and time of donation?

    Any willing person of any age can donate their eyes. Cornea must to be removed within 6 hours after death.
  • How it is done

    When members of family inform the hospital, a specialist from the eye bank is send to harvest donor corneas at no cost. The Corneas are then transported to the eye bank, screened and stored. Transplantation to a needy person is done in the hospital as soon as possible.

Important Points to Note:

  • Only the cornea is transplanted, not the whole eye ball.
  • Pledging is done during a lifetime. Corneas are harvested only after death.
  • Cornea must be harvested within 6-8 hours after death.
  • Eyes are neither sold nor bought. Donations are purely voluntary and on information and acceptance from the close relatives of the bereaved family.
  • The Donor's face is not disfigured after cornea donation.
  • Only 15-20 minutes is needed for cornea retrieval.
  • Only corneal blindness can be corrected & vision restored by eye donations.
  • After evaluation, the Corneas that are not suitable for transplantation are used for education and research.
  • Cornea can be removed at hospital or even at residence or wherever death occurs.

How can you help the Eye Bank?

  • Pledge your eyes
  • Let it be a family tradition.
  • Propagate Eye Donation.
  • Become Friends of Eye Bank / Volunteer / Sponsor.
  • Donate liberally for this humanitarian cause and help in eradicating corneal blindness.

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