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Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic lifestyle disorder, and a known Harbinger of multiple complications. Most populations are predisposed due to diabetes due to familial / genetic background, but largely because of a poor lifestyle. The symbol of Diabetes is a circle; because a holistic / 360 degree approach is the only way to manage it clinically.

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At the Diabetes Care centre, Lions Eye Hospital we pride ourselves in having this approach – a nurse educator will triage and check the client’s vitals, he / she will be seen by the doctor to explain clinical symptoms, and discuss all their concerns followed by a physical check up. Lab packages assessing complications of diabetes are offered, reviewed and then the client goes to two more sessions- a diabetes educator to be empowered about what issues they must look out for, red flag signs, etc. And then the nutritionist guides the client on what to eat. A final visit to the pharmacy completes this consultation (only if needed) and a review is scheduled.

Personalized Care for All Your Diabetes Management Needs

At our Diabetes Care Centre, we offer a range of services to help manage and treat diabetes.



Our team provides individualized diabetes education, including information on nutrition, exercise, and blood sugar management to help patients manage their diabetes.



Personalized treatment plans focusing on managing blood sugar levels, preventing complications, and improving overall health, including medication management.


Related Conditions

Specialized care for diabetes-related conditions, including diabetic retinopathy screenings and foot care services to prevent and treat foot ulcers, infections, and other issues.

Our Team

Our team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for patients with diabetes. From diagnosis to ongoing management, we are committed to helping our patients achieve optimal health outcomes and improve their quality of life.

Dr Rilwan Adan

Head of Diabetes Care Center

An Experienced Diabetologist with many accolades to her credit quotes –

Other than medical history and a thorough clinical examination , it is sought that each client receives bespoke treatment. One size does not fit all! Since the inception of this clinic, we have progressed leaps and bounds, and are happy to provide world class care to clients from every walk of life. I strive to ensure management is patient centric and each consultation involves decision making by the person taking the treatment.

Dr. Fabian Collis

Head of Foot Clinic

Did you know that in an average lifetime, your feet transport you across the world at least four times? They shoulder a heavy burden… and they manifest diabetes consequences significant enough to interfere with quality of life in a very unpleasant manner, with amputation being one of the main anxieties.

We at Lions Diabetes Treatment Centre run a holistic wound care clinic, focusing mostly on foot concerns in DM, among other wounds. We are well qualified to address Diabetes-related foot Ulcers, from extensive patient education on preventive foot care to minimal surgical debridement and sophisticated therapies such as negative pressure vacuum therapy and oxygen therapy for wounds, and post wound care to avoid recurrence.

This clinic has been instrumental in preventing several unnecessary amputations.

Dr. Shilpa Mulki

Senior Registrar, Lions Diabetes Care Center

It is Quintessential to manage a patient with diabetes from top to toe. This not only improves quality of life, but enhances wound healing and contributes significantly to clinical research. It further develops in not only treating but forming local collaborations in improving outcomes specific to the local population and therefore quality of care.

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