Corporate Eye Check-Ups

Objectives of Eye Screening

Early detection and treatment is essential to detect vision-threatening diseases that have the potential to cause serious ocular problems or even permanent loss of vision. By this programme we would like to promote awareness on health which will help timely intervention and treatment of eye conditions which can interfere with the staff’s productivity and may also lead to blindness.

What we do at Corporates & Industries?

  • Complete Eye Examination will be done at the workstation in groups without inconvenience or loss of time to the company.
  • Our highly trained mobile team consisting of Senior Ophthalmic Clinical Officer, a nurse and a Senior Optometrist will examine the corporate staff / employees at their workplace.
  • Eye Examination will include detailed vision testing, checking for Refractive errors (Spectacle power) and signs of any eye ailments.
  • For any eye ailments or infections diagnosed, the required treatment will be advised or medications dispensed.
  • Appropriate prescriptions for spectacles will be given to the patient.
  • Wherever surgical intervention is required, such cases will be referred to our base Hospital at Loresho Estate in Nairobi.

The particulars of the employees examined will be documented and a confidential medical report given to the Human Resources Department.

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